Our normal hours of operation are as follows:
Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm Eastern Time Zone

Eastern Commercial Services, Inc.
813-A Professional Place W.
Suite 106
Chesapeake, VA 23320

(757) 436-1020   (800) 486-1020
FAX (757) 547-4772

We offer a unique shipping program and shipping cartons, click here for more information.

We repair many different types of equipment. Be sure to check the repair services link here for more complete information.

Due to MEI Service contract restrictions we cannot list any of the competitive manufactures we service, however our repair department can service 95% of all equipment currently on the market....all with a FULL 1 YEAR WARRANTY. If you want to know if we repair an item by a particular manufacture, please call us at 1-800-486-1020 to get more information.

Yes, ECS is proud to be not only an MEI Premier Service Center, but we are one of the exclusive MEI council members. Additionally we are an authorized Conlux service partner as well.

The cost of repair services varies according to the item and the extent of the damage. We offer commitment-free in-shop quotes for any item we repair.

Yes we repair all makes and models of coin changers and bill validators including units that haven't been manufactured for over 20 years. However, some of the parts for those units are no longer available and we must replace those parts with used parts that we get from scavenged units. If your unit is unrepairable then we can offer you an alternative rebuilt or new validator or changer to keep you up and running. be sure to check our online store for new and rebuilt units.

Eastern Commercial Services, Inc. can diagnose and determine if it is worth repairing your faulty unit. If we believe that it is not in your best interest to repair a certain item, we will contact you to make a decision and no charge will be levied, we keep your interests foremost.

Our normal turnaround time is three days before in shop repairs. If you are on one of our free pickup routes then your turnaround time will correspond to the schedule of that particular route. We can always ship back your units quickly via UPS if you need a particular unit back in service quickly just let us know what you need.

Eastern commercial services is first and foremost a service company. That is our only line of business we strive to make sure that your units will always work as advertised. In the rare instances that you receive a unit back that has failed you can be assured that we will take all necessary steps to correct the problem.

We find that many problems are interface and switch setting problems within the machines. Be sure to check your wiring harnesses for bent pins or loose connections. Additionally switch settings on validators can cause unexpected errors and poor acceptance as well. Once again just let us know that you have a problem and we will rectify it quickly as we do certainly appreciate your business.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards for your payment methods. Due to the high cost of fees associated with American Express we do not accept that card for payment.

If you wish to set up an open account with our company please click here to download a credit application in PDF format. due to security limitations we do not offer an online credit application at this time.

We have several methods available for you to get the units to us for repair. UPS is always a viable method and we encourage using them for all your shipping needs. We have service routes available to various geographic areas please check our pickups and route button above to get more detailed information about that service. You could also qualify for our free shipping in or out or both please click here for more information.

Yes we sell new units with full factory warranty. We are proud to be an MEI and conlux distributor. We can also get great pricing on new Coinco and other equipment. Give us a call or check our online store for details.

Depending on the circumstances we may or may not offer to cover another service centers warranties. Generally we do not like to do so as we feel the quality of our repairs are head and shoulders above other companies. Being an MEI premier service partner holds us to quite high standards and therefore the unit may beyond repair due to destruction of small and delicate parts on circuit boards.

We offer a full one-year warranty on all current model repairs. What that means in plain English is any model that is being currently manufactured and sold actively by various companies we will offer a one-year warranty on the repairs to that unit. We offer a six month warranty on all repairs of older units with the exception of units that we must use used parts to facilitate the repairs. Most of those units will only carry a 30 day warranty and are usually over 15 to 20 years old.

Yes, we repair all sealed system refrigeration units, this includes can drink, food machine and frozen food systems. Our EPA certified technicians take all necessary steps to ensure your system is both leak-free, acid-free and will continue cooling as per the original factory specs.

Yes, Eastern Commercial Services has an online store for parts, accessories, locks and much more!

Click here to go to our online store, you will be very impressed with the selection and our unique products.


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Note: Please call 1-800-486-1020 if you have any questions at all!